What sets us apart from our competitors?

Waste management and recycling equipment has been a part of our everyday lives for many years. Contrary to other products, this type of equipment has never evolved.

MDA Compaction is aiming at revolutionizing these equipment by focusing on reliability, user-friendly operation and, more importantly, on safety.

The following features are optional on the whole Vertical BULLPAK baler series. Is safety optional for you?

BULLPENThe Bullpen is patented and secures the ejection area. Before ejecting, the operator must lower the security barrier. This option is equipped with magnetic contact that will authorize the ejection only if the Bullpen is lowered. It is useful in restrained areas or when the bale must be ejected in busy areas. A lowered Bullpen protects the hazardous zone and keeps the operator’s co-workers from standing nearby.bullpen bda52
bullguard 4119f BULLGUARDThe Bullguard is patented and has been designed to keep the operator away during an ejecting operation. Furthermore, the Bullguard automatically takes back its position when the ejection door opens. The operator will be in a safe location during the ejection process in order to keep them from being trampled by the bale or at risk of being hit by a metal wire that could break during the bale expansion.
BULLHORNThe Bullhorn is a patented device that will secure the ram at the top of the baler and keep it from collapsing. As soon as the loading door opens, the Bullhorn interlocks with the ram and restrains it in an upper position. Thanks to the Bullhorn, three devices keep the ram from collapsing in case of breakage, contrary to standard Vertical BULLPAK balers in which only the hydraulic cylinder is attached to the ram.bullhorn db852
securepak d7222 The SECUREPAKThe SECUREPAK option is for the electrical control system. A safety relay is added to the control and monitors the baler’s electrical operations. This way, the operator cannot attempt to bypass the safety system. This control option complies with the CAT.III Standards as well as ISO 13849-1,-25 Safety Equipment Standards.

Our balers meet the following standards:

  • CSA Z432 - Canadian Machinery Safety Standards
  • ISO 13849- 1,-2 - Safety of equipment
  • ANSI Z245.51 - Safety standards for compaction equipment