Q: I am looking for a waste baler but I heard this machine can be called differently?
A: There are many terms used, here are the most popular ones: vertical baler, BULLPAK baler, linear baler, cardboard baler, baling press, etc.

Q: My baler is not working properly. Who should I call?
A: You should call the dealer where you purchased your baler. You could also contact us directly at our Plessisville office and ask for the customer service department.

Q: What kind of bale tie do I need?
A: We recommend nylon twines for small balers and steel wires for large balers.

Q: Do you sell / service second-hand balers? A: Yes, we refurbish used balers and perform service calls based on brands.

Q: What baler/compactor size do I need?
A: Buying a baler or compactor can be tricky. Your best option is to contact us (or the closest dealer) and speak to one of our sales representative that will recommend you the required equipment to fit your needs.