Sustainable development equipment warranty

Products manufactured by MDA Compaction are covered by this limited warranty. Such products must be serviced, installed, and operated under normal conditions.

Twelve (12) month* warranty on labour

Twenty-four (24) month warranty on main components:

  • Cylinder
  • Motor
  • PLC
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Valve

Thirty-six (36) month warranty on structure

*Twelve (12) months from the installation date or fifteen (15) months from the factory shipment date.

MDA Compaction’s liability is only limited to the equipment. MDA Compaction will, under no circumstances, be linked to any loss in profit, business affairs, or any other losses linked directly or indirectly to the material covered by this warranty. MDA Compaction is not responsible for any equipment failure caused by improper operation or installation of the equipment and parts, or by freezing or flooding.

Any parts repair or replacement must first be approved by MDA Compaction. Refer to the Appendix 1 for further details on the hourly rate and time allocation. If the manufacturer shall perform maintenance on the equipment, such operation will take place during normal business hours. Transportation of parts or equipment for repair purposes by the manufacturer or an authorized repair centre is not covered by this warranty. Use of parts unauthorized by MDA Compaction will automatically void the warranty. Repair or shipment of parts covered under the warranty will be performed according to stock availability.

Interventions that are not covered under warranty:

  • Pre-delivery inspection. Equipment is factory tested. However, any adjustment can be performed during transportation.
  • Adjustment needed due to normal operation of components, such as the pressure switch, the relief valve, or the limit switch
  • Clamping of electrical or hydraulic components
  • Fuse
  • Building’s electricity
  • Addition of hydraulic oil
  • Repair arising from inappropriate use or running counter to the manual’s procedures
  • Paint