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Double Chamber Baler

Plastic waste like OCC is commonly found in more sites than ever today. Thus, this is why we created the DUO model. The twin chambers with a single power unit provide the advantage of having two machines in one with half the maintenance. The larger chamber can produce up to a 1,000-pound bale and both chambers are completely independent and include their own ram. 


This model has a cylinder that can be retracted when shipped and raised, thanks to its own power unit. This means that you don’t need a forklift to raise the cylinder! It can be moved with a pallettruck and fit in a drybox for easier and cheaper shipping plus having its largest model at only 92 inches. Installation is easier than ever with this new design.

Key features

  • Each chamber has its own ram
  • Contains one power unit
  • Bale ready light included
  • Design fits in a dry box
  • Can be moved with a pallet truck
  • Control panel with a qr code that leads you to a video as well as the electrical and hydraulic diagrams
  • Easily operated loading door due to bearings
  • Automatic loading door opening at the end of the cycle
  • Safe environment
  • Submerged pump is quieter, only 85db
  • Powerpak is on hinges
  • Easily customized without welding:
    • Multiple safety options
    • Automatic ejector
    • Wire guide
  • All moving parts are removable, if needed
  • Parts are interchangeable between balers from the same series, regardless of the size


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